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mulberry purse British luxury brand Mulberry launched 2013 New Winter Ad Campaign, the series penned by renowned photographer Tim Walker, Ronnie Cooke Newhouse directed, British supermodel Cara Delevingne bear Programme show, highlighting the beautiful English countryside and mystery.

Filming site in Oxfordshire Shotover manor,mulberry purses set designer Shona Heath in the manor reproduce a simple, wild and romantic woodland. With the same fairy tale scenes, branches dotted with flowers, owls being in a traditional aristocratic legacy furniture and luxury room.

Featured topics package shall: Willow series, the new Primrose, iconic Bayswater and new double zipper Bayswater Double Zip Tote bag, the main dark red, gray brown, navy blue and emerald green autumn colors. Timber luxury apparel, such as glossy sheepskin, cashmere and camel hair, referring to the classic silhouette and subtly adding Mulberry modern elements.
Mulberry 2013 autumn and winter to regain the British country style, emphasizing the British countryside, bush scenery fascinated by nature and the outdoors. Plant flowers printed reference to the elements and charm, deep black background color set off the bright nostalgic British textiles, such as jewel-like colors. Inspiration also includes fairy fables, flower fairies and magic of the night sky. During the day is so familiar to the British countryside views at night becomes dark, seductive, powerful and mysterious ......

2013 autumn and winter to autumn colors based on color, delicate, soft, neutral color with earthy colors and pale nude color; while bright colors across the entire series, revealing a powerful and confident atmosphere. Meticulous tailoring and elegant style uniforms subtle single product, Oxford, Cambridge, school uniforms are inspired and refreshing.

Prints and fabrics inspired by the brand's fundamental,mulberry wallet toying texture and proportion, and the use of animal prints and classic uniforms, re-interpretation of the English and traditional checkered plaid pieces. Mulberry's leather craft and accessories village history is still the basis of: exquisite, timeless, practical, showing the beauty of pure craft, just like secretly spy on the British late autumn night.

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