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Cacklegoose Press was set up in 1989 to offer an editorial, design and production service for art books, exhibition catalogues and other illustrated publications. It is principally a vehicle for the skills of Marilyn McCully, art historian, Picasso specialist, editor and exhibition organiser, and Michael Raeburn, editor, book designer and publisher. (It takes its name from Cacklegoose Green, the old name for the part of Hammersmith, West London, where we are located.)

Our main activity over the past fifteen years has been in curating exhibitions and preparing their catalogues, while earlier publishing projects undertaken include John Richardson's A Life of Picasso (vols.1, 1991; 2, 1996; 3, 2007) for Random House/Knopf, New York, and a group of international publishers – of which McCully is collaborating author, while picture editing, design and typesetting for vols. 1 and 2 were undertaken by Raeburn – and René Magritte: catalogue raisonné (5 vols. published 1992-97) for the Menil Foundation, Houston, and Mercatorfonds, Antwerp – of which Raeburn was a consultant editor and co-author of two volumes as well as designing the catalogue and handling the typesetting and pre-production work.

Cacklegoose Press has also published a number of books under its own imprint, Picasso: A Private Collection, written by Marilyn McCully; The Green Frog Service (in association with the State Hermitage, St Petersburg), co-edited by Michael Raeburn with Andrew Nurnberg and Ludmila Voronikhina; Measure Without Measure: The Art of Linda Karshan by Marilyn McCully; Paul Feiler: Connections and Paul Feiler: Elusive Space (in association with the Redfern Gallery, London); and Ice: The Worlds of the Antarctic and the Arctic by Charles C. Kingsley.

Because of the complex nature of most of the publications produced by the Press, the majority of tasks are undertaken personally by Raeburn and McCully, but we also employ highly qualified designers, editors, translators, picture researchers, typesetters and production managers when they are called for. We have no plans for any major expansion of our business but want to use our special skills and experience to ensure that the publications we undertake maintain a consistently high quality in editing, design and production and that they can be produced within the constraints of cost and timing required by our customers.

For more information about our services please contact Michael Raeburn or Marilyn McCully.

Marilyn McCully was Assistant Professor of Art History at Princeton University, 1974-81, and since then has worked in London as an independent scholar and editor. She taught in 1984 at the University of Queensland and has organised exhibitions in the U.S.A., England, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey, New Zealand and Japan.

Michael Raeburn worked with Weidenfeld & Nicolson, George Rainbird and Thames & Hudson, before joining Pentos, where until 1981 he was Chief Executive of the Publishing Group. Since then he has worked as an independent author, editor, designer and book producer.

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